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Timeless by Ainslie Henderson

To say I am a huge fan of Ainslie Henderson would be an understatement. His stop motion storytelling is so uniquely his own. Hauntingly beautiful, tragic, precise and mesmerizing. Also it helps that his taste in music is also excellent. So inspired by Timeless, I scowled the internet marketplace to purchase vintage watch parts and built multi plane to do a music video late last year. I got thrown a curveball by getting the Laika Fellowship but now that I am just about wrapping up the project, I am getting back to my original plan of playing around with found (in my case, purchased) objects to just play without having to worry about a narrative story for a change. I want to remember what it was like a being a kid again and just play. So yeah, thanks to this amazing director, I am inspired and will be devoting next 6 months to making a music video to Eupana's old song called The Night the Stars Fell.

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