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I am a Korean-American writer, director, and artist. I have been a visual designer all my adult life. I had some success as a fashion designer in my previous career back in NYC, but always yearned for more. Becoming a mother to an awesome girl made me grow a big heart, and pushed me to challenge myself creatively, resulting in my switching over to the animation industry. 

Keenly aware of the preciousness of time and passionate about using stop-motion as the medium for filmmaking, I have written and directed five stop-motion animated shorts in a period of four years while obtaining my MFA at USC in Animation and Digital Design in ‘23.

After receiving the Film Independent Laika Animation Fellowship in ‘21, I completed "7LBS 8OZ", which won the Grand Jury Animation Prize at the Florida Film Festival in '22, qualifying it for the 95th Oscars. That film is being distributed through The New Yorker Screening Room. My second-year student film, "A Poem by Alba," won the Best Showcase Animated Film award at the '22 Soho International Film Festival.


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Also selected for the inaugural year of the HBO Max Access Animated Short Program in ‘22, I wrote and directed "Welcome to 8th Street", which is currently streaming on HBO Max. As a Fox Fellowship recipient, I finished my USC Thesis film called "The Nectar Instead," which has been selected for the various film festivals including, LA Shorts International Festival, Santa Fe International Film Festival, Edmonton International Film Festival and New Hampshire Film Festival. 


The next film endeavor will be a documentary about famed Korean photographer Kim Jung Myung, which began pre-production summer of 2023. I think its a crime to make anything boring, so I am constantly working on trying to tell stories worth telling, while taking side roads that I have to pave at times. 

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I make great snacks!

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•Extensive fashion background.

•Founder of a company.

•Keen understanding of time, people & budget management.

•High design aesthetic sensibility. 

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