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The Little Island, 1958

This 30 min. long animation by the great Richard Willams is an entirely self financed experimental sound/ music piece about philosophical arguments between three men who value beauty, truth and good all separately. It uses a lot of symbolism and clever designs in eye movements to tell the story. It's reflective of modernism around that time period in its character design, choice of fonts and colors. What I find fascinating is upon finishing this film, Willams stated that he realized that he didn't know much about animation articulation. Now this is coming from a man who can draw like no body's business already at the time. But the animation is about movements, timing, ease and arc. And I find inspiration on his quest to become one of the greatest animator and he never stopped learning. As I am stuck doing same animation over and over trying to learn and get better, I am constantly reminded how little I know. I question my business in trying to become an animator. But I intend on squashing that doubt through practice and quest for more knowledge.

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