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The Cameraman's Revenge, 1912

I came to USC with a blank canvas. I knew so little about animation and its history. But I had thirst for learning and passion for animating. Lucky for me, I had a great instructor, Christine Panuska for a history who introduced the class to so much content. I was a sponge in that class and at the end of the semester, I was left with a hefty notebook that I use it as a bible for animation history that I use it all the time.

Ladislas Starevich's Cameraman's Revenge is a stop motion movie that was made in 1912 out of dead bugs that were rigged. It's amazing to see it especially now knowing that no effect was used to make this film, no stop motion software and no onionskin in Dragonframe.

Christine told us when this movie as first shown in Europe, people were shocked and thought it was magic. It's still magical watching it now.

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