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Poles Apart, by Paloma Baeza

I absolutely love 'The House' released by Netflix. It has elevated stop motion storytelling in so many ways. It was mature storytelling worthy of its adult audience. It's exactly what we have been missing in animation for a long time. The three vignette stories from Belgium, Sweden and England were so unique and authentic, I must have watched them 4 times in span of two days alone.

The third part story told by English director Paloma Baeza is so stunning. I was trying to figure out exactly how she layered the water scene. Then I stumbled upon her past work, Poles Apart and on the behind the scene video, I was able to break down how she did it exactly.

The House is the reason why having diversity matters so much. This is one of the first times that any major studio commissioned work by female filmmakers to make the shop motion feature/ short. And as result, we are rewarded with appeal with warmth that is so high in quality with rich textures not just in world building but also in performance. I am so deeply moved by all three stories from The House.

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