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Mary and Max, 2009

I have only recently discovered Adam Elliot thanks to my professor Christine Panuska. I told her about my epiphany in figuring out why I am choosing to do stop motion animation as a career change from being a fashion designer. I told her that I wanted to be a storyteller and I have so many stories of the people I knew, know that I want to tell from my having lived in Jersey City, NJ. My writing teacher mentioned that I should look at 'Shut Up Little Man' which I loved and Christine recommended I look up Adam Elliot.

I have been non-stop watching Adam Elliot's incredible clayographies, a word he invented, ever since. He tells stories people's biographies. A man after my own heart and what a remarkable storyteller he is. I cannot recommend his work highly enough and I have a roadmap now, an aspiration and a personal goal. It's nice not being confused anymore.

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